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Guidelines for Our Community

This summary is intended to provide an overview of the community guidelines we follow as part of the standard terms between Allied Venues and a Service Provider. They do not constitute an agreement and our full standard terms must be consulted. .

Allied Venues in Uganda  generates new event enquiries to venues and other service providers.

  • Allied Venues is a free service for customers. Commission is paid for by the venue or service provider and cannot be added on top of a client’s quote.
  • Confirmed bookings are commissionable by Allied Venues when any of the following has taken place before a client is in contact with the venue or other service provider directly.
    • A client requests that Allied Venues make an enquiry at a venue, or other service provider;
    • Allied Venues makes contact with a venue, or other service provider, on behalf of a client;
    • A client submits their details to Allied Venues through any means of communication with the purpose of making an enquiry at a venue, or other service provider
    • Allied Venues provides a client with the contact details of a venue, or other service provider, with the purpose of making an enquiry
    • When a client enquires directly to a venue, or other service provider, demonstrably as a result of Hire Space having recommended that venue or service provider to that client
  • Commission is on total final spend (exc VAT) by a client. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • venue hire, food and beverage, accommodation, A/V and all other ancillary goods and services
    • items or services that are not included in the initial contract, but later become part of the event revenue
  • Allied Venues requires that copies of contracts and receipts of other spending by clients are provided promptly by the venue or service provider.
  • Allied Venues may issue commission invoices from the day after the event.
  • Should the venue or service provider not be able to share the total final spend amount due to any reasons, Allied Venues reserves the rights to charge commission based on the initial quotation or estimate of the final spend.
  • Allied Venues also offers discretionary paid marketing services which provide enhanced exposure of venues, or other service providers, to our clients and are billed separately.
  • Allied Venues invoices are payable within 28 days.
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